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Séance de massage aux Bambous sous la pergola face à la valléee

Bamboo massage (60mn)

VAT Included

Legendary in Asia for its flexibility and robustness, bamboo is also synonymous with appeasement, well-being, relaxation and simplicity. It becomes the massage accessory par excellence, thus extending the virtues of the masseur's hand and generating real pleasure for the client. The body will be massaged with character and elegance. The flexible bamboos perfectly match the contours, shapes and lines of the silhouette. The benefits are numerous: improves blood and lymphatic circulation, tones and relaxes the body, incomparable feeling of lightness, eliminates toxins, improves the flexibility of the skin, softens muscles and tendons, relaxes the body and mind, fights against fatigue and stress.

​ To be reserved in advance and subject to availability.

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