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Eco-responsible Bed and Breakfast: Les Hauts de Gageac

Eco-responsibility is not opposed to well-being and luxury. At Les Hauts de Gageac, we implement every day, all the actions that are possible for us, to make sustainable development our reality.

image de la vallée de la Dordogne Pérogord noir

Our actions for ecology:

natural product, vegetarian and vegan

Our Nuxe toiletries are made from natural products, 100% vegetarian and 60% vegan and are contained in recycled packaging.

recycling for humanitarian aid
Ecological heating pictogram
respectful watering with water from the Dordogne river
Low consumption led bulb

Your relaxation break

and well-being in Périgord Noir

We are proud to support the UNISOAP association which works for the collection and recycling of hotel soaps for humanitarian purposes. Reducing waste and fighting against waste, giving access to hygiene to vulnerable populations and promoting the professional integration of disabled workers through an ESAT meets the triple environmental, humanitarian and social objective of UNISOAP.

The swimming pool is heated by a heat pump.

The water used for irrigation is drawn directly from the Dordogne river. The maintenance of the garden does not use any chemical treatment such as pesticides or weedkillers.

Indoors or outdoors, all lighting works with 100% LED bulbs.

Charging socket for electric vehicle

Provision of a “Greenup” socket to recharge your electric car. Loading offered up to 10 €. Beyond that, actual billing.

local products and short circuit

The breakfasts and meals served on site are made from local and seasonal products, mostly from organic farming.

environmentally friendly household products

Your rooms and common areas are cleaned using homemade products that respect the environment (vinegar, baking soda, black soap, etc.).

All linen maintenance is entrusted to Elis, which has been taking action for several years to reduce its environmental footprint.

Fully recyclable slippers

Our slippers are 100% eco-responsible. Composed of a mixture of bamboo and wool, they are 100% bio-sourced and bio-degradable, like their packaging bag.

These slippers are offered to you. We invite you to keep them.

Picto Selective sorting and composting

On-site composting and selective sorting reduce waste to a minimum.

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