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The Hauts de Gageac wine list

“Frédéric’s cellar  ”

Rack of wine bottles

A wine lover since I was old enough to drink it, I wanted to know more about it fifteen years ago. I took oenology courses for 5 years during which I learned a lot about the cultivation of vines, the breeding, the production and the conservation of this fine beverage.


From amateur I became passionate and I was able, over the years and my research, to meet passionate winegrowers who love their job. These encounters allowed me to build up a varied cellar, made up of both great wines and more confidential wines.


And because a good bottle is synonymous with sharing and conviviality, we and Laurence wanted you to benefit from it. You will find on this menu both local wines from Bergerac,… but also Burgundies, Bordeaux…..

Do not hesitate to ask us for our wine list and we will be happy to serve it to you.

Good tasting !

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