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Your wellness, Massage and Yoga trip

How a massage session unfolds

The treatments are performed on a massage table with a heating lamp to relax the muscles.

The practitioner uses organic massage oils and music for a soft, zen and warm atmosphere that stimulates the senses.

The massage takes place either in your room or discreetly under the pergola when the weather allows it for an unforgettable experience!

Important: these massages are "well-being massages" and would not replace a health professional - doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist, etc.

(5% discount on a 2nd consecutive massage - To be reserved in advance and subject to availability

Californian dream (60 min) - 72 € per session


A complete massage, from head to toe (except private parts) which is carried out on the back, shoulders, face, scalp, stomach, legs and feet. For an extreme and total relaxation of immediate well-being. Effleurages, palpé rolled, smoothing, sliding ... a set of techniques that will unify the whole body. This treatment provides deep relaxation while stimulating circulation and oxygenating the entire organism.

Plantar reflexology (60 min) - 72 € per session


Complementary and natural medicine, reflexology is a natural therapy based on the relationships between certain areas of the body and specific areas, called reflexes, located on the feet. It is a thousand-year-old practice originating in Egypt, India and China promoting relaxation, harmonization, stimulation and connection, by simple pressure, to an organ or another part of the body thanks to the meridians which are of true energy channels. This massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation which, by releasing harmful toxins in the body, help to improve these imbalances.

Special Pregnant Woman (45 min) - € 58 per session


Techniques and special attention for this massage dedicated especially during pregnancy (3 months and more). It will thus relieve back pain, contribute to better sleep, soften the skin by reducing the appearance of stretch marks and offer moments of relaxation and well-being. It is a safe and natural way to relieve tension and pain associated with the prenatal period. This treatment will improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce discomfort in the legs and pressure on the sciatic nerve, reduce stress and anxiety and promote closer contact between mother and baby.

Massage under the pergola facing the Dordogne valley, Périgord Noir.

Swedish tonic (60 min) - 72 € per session

A more dynamic massage method to deeply relax the muscles. It first acts on the circulatory system and will stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph. It thus increases the immune system and promotes the elimination of toxins. Thanks to the vigorous movements carried out during the massage, blood circulation increases, thus promoting greater muscle elasticity.

Swedish massage is for everyone, regardless of age. However, it is not recommended for people prone to hypo or hyper tension because by vigorously massaging the legs upwards, this raises the blood flow to the heart. The same goes for those who have a history of heart problems and venous problems.

Aux Bambous (60 min) - 72 € per session

Legendary in Asia for its flexibility and robustness, bamboo is also synonymous with appeasement, well-being, relaxation and simplicity. It becomes the massage accessory par excellence, thus extending the virtues of the masseur's hand and generating real pleasure for the client. The body will be massaged with character and elegance. The flexible bamboos perfectly match the contours, shapes and lines of the silhouette. The benefits are numerous: improves blood and lymphatic circulation, tones and relaxes the body, incomparable feeling of lightness, eliminates toxins, improves the flexibility of the skin, softens muscles and tendons, relaxes the body and mind, fights against fatigue and stress.

Massage under the pergola facing the Dordogne valley, Périgord Noir.

The contraindications to massage remain the same for most techniques: fever, infection, wounds or skin problems and a history of heart problems.


Hatha Yoga (60mn)   - € 50 per session (+ € 15 per additional person)


At any age, beginner or advanced, enjoy the enchanting setting of Hauts de Gageac to offer yourself a Hatha yoga session. A gentle approach for mastery of the body and the senses including breathing, postures and relaxation.


Carpet provided.


Classes are taught by a teacher trained at ENPY (16-133), National School of Yoga Teachers in Bordeaux.

Book in advance and subject to availability

Yoga session under the pergola facing the Dordogne valley, Périgord Noir.
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