Californian massage


A full Californian massage session lasts 1 hour. It is practiced on a massage table by gentle movements, effleurages and pressures on the entire body, from head to toe. The practitioner uses organic oils as well as scented candles and music for a soft, zen and warm atmosphere that stimulates the senses (hearing, smell, touch, sight). 


Relaxing above all, this treatment combines gentle gestures and effleurages, intended to envelop and relax the person, and gestures more firm and stimulating, to soothe the deeper tensions (the Californian massage is not for therapeutic purpose and can not replace a physiotherapist practitioner). 


Californian massage works on mind, body and emotion. It brings many benefits such as:

> a better psychological balance.

> Elimination of negative states such as anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress.   

> A better knowledge and acceptance of his body.

> Relaxation of the muscles and the whole body. 


Contraindications: Not suitable for diabetics, cardiac patients, those with high blood pressure or infectious diseases, as well as those who have had recent surgery. 


Rates : €68 for 1 hour or €58 for 45 minutes (5% discount on a 2nd consecutive massage for your spouse) 


To book directly to Hauts de Gageac - separate payment to the practitioner


Hatha Yoga


At any age, beginner or advanced, enjoy the enchanting setting of Hauts de Gageac to offer you a session of Hatha yoga. A gentle approach to mastering the body and senses including breathing, postures and relaxation. Carpet provided. Session for 1 to 3 people. 


Classes are taught by a teacher trained at ENPY (16-133), National School of Yoga Teachers of Bordeaux.  


Rates per session for 1, 2 or 3 people. 1h00: €38 -  1h30: €45  


To book directly to Hauts de Gageac – separate payment to the practitioner